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The TAIT Experience

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The TAIT band started a little over 2 1/2  years ago. They have quickly become one of the biggest groups in the Christian music industry. The band is composed of four guys.  Michael Tait, originally from the group dc Talk, is the lead vocalist and writer of TAIT. He is the humble owner of the smoothest vocals in the land.  Also,  in the group is Lonnie Chapin , the bass guitarist, who is from the group Petra, Lonnie played with Petra from 1997-2001. Chad Chapin, the drummer and Lonnie's younger brother, also played a part in composing "Godsend" from the dc Talk album 'Supernatural' and several other TAIT hits. Chad is the best drummer in the world! And, we have Justin York, the electric guitarist. Justin's father played for Phil Keaggy,and other christian music artists. Justin entered the band TAIT in 2002. And must I say he is a GREAT electric guitarist! TAIT is not a bunch of fake musicians acting as if they are kind-hearted...they are truly the neatest guys off and on stage. And altogether they make up the best band ever in any genre of music. Their words are powerful, their hearts are true. They are truly men of God.

"Oh burn, won't you burn in are my eternal flame , won't you light my name and burn..." -- "Alters" ,From the album 'Empty'

"Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a Light unto my path..."