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Hello All, I am working on adding pictures to my web album...for some reason the website I used to have jacked up and it's saying you can't look at pics. So I am getting one that I can trust.:) It will take a few days to get it completely finished , but it will be worth it! And also, the tour dates have been changed and some have been added. Be sure to check it out! God Bless!
yo yo , everyone! I just wanted to let you know that Chad will be in March's issue of "Modern Drummer". I hear you can find it at stores like Barnes n Noble, Borders , and other stores. I am going to get mine tonight, woohoo!
Also,on Feb. 1st there will be a new cd released called "Bridges: Classical Hymns, Modern Worship"...Michael will be singing "How Great Thou Art". Wow, what a voice!!!
It looks as though Chad and Michael are doing real well this year as well as the rest of the band. And don't forget the WinterJam 2005 , it's going to be an awesome show. Hope to see you at one. And if you have any ideas for our website let me know. Thanksies!
Hey! The "Annual 35th Dove Awards" will be appearing on tv Monday,December 27,2004 at 9pm (Eastern) on PAX. Be sure to watch it, there will be a HERO! skit performed. And also, the TAIT guys have been nominated for a Grammy which will be airing on tv February 13,2005. Michael and Toby Mac will be on "Life Today" with James Robinson on Monday,December 27,2004. Go to for listings.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! 
Hey, to let everyone know...there is a new deal for Christmas! There is a special store for dc Talk, Toby Mac, and TAIT...the deal buy anything which is on sale from the store and you get a FREE dc Talk, Toby Mac, and TAIT poster with every order! Sound's good , huh? Well, go buy something! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
Hey, I am working on putting the picutres up from the November 7th concert still. I have been having trouble with the computer.:( Bare with me here.
Hey All! I just went to a concert last night and took lots of pictures. I am getting them ready and we will have some more buddy icons and pictures up in like a week, so be sure to check back soon. I will let you know here when they are ready.The concert was so awesome! And Brian is doing a great job for the lead guitarist,as we all know he is the newbie. So we must welcome him. :)
     There is a new journal entry on from Michael and there are also some new pictures in Michael's gallery. Go check it out!
Also, there is a new book out by Michael Tait and Toby Mac called "Under God". I hear it is an awesome book! Check out the website to buy it and get some information on it...
I just wanted you all to know that I am adding buddy icons to the site. They will be in the fun stuff section. They would be awesome to add to your AOL instant messenger and I will make some more icons and keep on adding onto the section. Enjoy!                 
Also,  the Shoutfest's "Tour tv" will be airing on television. You can find all the information about this tv show, which has behind the scenes footage, etc...on 
Hello to all! LOL! I just wanted to let you know that I finally found a way for you to look at my pictures. Woohoo! Well, here is the link so you can look at them, and enjoy! The link is....                                  
And also, I added a guestbook in the Fun Stuff please visit it and sign it! Thanks!
I have updated the tour area on the website. Also, I am sorry that some of my ...well, many of my pictures are not showing up in different areas, I made a mistake on the website editing and so now I am working really really hard on it. Hopefully, I will have it all restored this weekend.
~ I am so sorry to inform all of you TAIT fans out there, that Lonnie Chapin and Justin York will be leaving the TAIT band. Lonnie will be leaving and working a new job and continuing his marriage to ,Tiffany. Justin, however, decided that it is the Lord's will for him to start playing with Steven Curtis Chapman. Justin and Lonnie still want you to continue to support the TAIT band and the new guys. They need you to keep them in your prayers. Justin and Lonnie have really enjoyed their time with the TAIT band. This Saturday at the WAKW Family Festival in Cincinatti, Ohio will be Justin and Lonnie's last preformance with the band. TAIT is still together, but Justin and Lonnie just will not be preforming with them anymore. God has a plan for all the guys, they are still going to remain friends...and He will take care of them. Keep supporting all the guys!
TV Spots
~Hey...the Dove Awards will be on tv soon. I am not sure when exactly though. Go to for more information !